How to Increase PC Performance (The Beginners Guide to Overclocking)

Image courtesy of Ben Merrick

Did I say sexy? I meant gorgeous.

Want to know the best thing about being a PC gamer?

Playing the games you love with the best performance and the sexiest graphics possible.

Want to know the worst thing about being a PC gamer?

Paying for the expensive hardware required to play the games you love with the best performance and the sexiest graphics possible.

Upgrading your PC with a beefier graphics card, an optimized motherboard, or even just a few more gigs of RAM can end up costing you an arm and a leg. But here’s a secret: Upgrading your PC’s performance doesn’t always require expensive hardware upgrades. In fact, many PC gamers have already learned this. There is a whole community of PC owners (gamers especially) that have turned to optimizing the hardware that their PC already has. Even stock desktop computers have the potential to run PC games much quicker than they normally do. How is this possible?

Enter overclocking.

Overclocking is simply the process of optimizing the output of the computer systems already present in your PC’s rig, no matter how basic or advanced. More specifically, you are increasing the speed at which your computer’s internal clock runs, hence the term over-clock. By overclocking your computer, you are essentially increasing the overall performance of your computer without the need to purchase more powerful hardware. You’re optimizing what you already have!

But it can be overwhelming to suddenly jump into trying to overclock your computer, not to mention dangerous. All overclockers run the risk of literally frying their computers from the inside out, which can happen easily, especially if they’re not careful. Lucky for those new to overclocking, a guy called Tweakboy was generous enough to publish his Ultimate Overclocking Handbook. It is the perfect resource for someone who has just learned about overclocking and wants to give it a try.

Tweakboy’s Ultimate Overclocking Handbook gets down into the basics of overclocking, starting with the basic, underlying principles of the process. It stresses the importance of safely adjusting the speed and power of your hardware, just bits at a time, so you do not damage your computer.

Most importantly, it lays down the process, step by step, to achieve the most optimized computer you can get at a fraction of the cost of buying new, expensive hardware. And the great thing is, even if you do get new, expensive hardware, the process outlined in this book will still be completely relevant! This book will enable you to get even more out of any piece hardware you own – expensive or otherwise-  boosting the output of your PC no matter what!

There is literally nothing to lose by heading over and checking out Tweakboy’s Ultimate Overclocking Handbook, especially if you are new to overclocking, and are eager to begin customizing your own system, or you just want to increase your PC’s overall performance.

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